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A Day with The Pro

Join Phil Akers at Oulton Hall as he shares his expertise and insights to take your game to the next level. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your golfing skills 

Highlights of the Evening:

  1. Swing Analysis with Trackman and Slow Motion Camera: Unlock the secrets of your swing as Phil analyses your swing and provides personalised tips and techniques to elevate your performance.

  2. The Art & Science of Putting and Chipping: Phil will guide you through the art of putting and chipping. You'll gain invaluable insights to improve your short game.

  3. On-Course Coaching - 9 Holes with Phil Akers: Step onto the course with Phil Akers himself as he imparts the wisdom of course strategy and routines. Learn how to navigate the challenges and make informed decisions to optimise your game.

  4. Get the Most Out of Your Game: Throughout the evening, Phil will help you to get the most out of your golf game. From mental preparation to refining your physical skills, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to excel on the golf course.

Space are limited to 3 people, so secure your place now for an Evening with Phil Akers at Oulton Hall. 

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Exciting News for New Golfers and High Handicappers!

Join us for a fantastic on-course playing experience with Phil Akers Golf at Oulton Hall!


This session is exclusively designed for beginners and high handicappers who want to improve their game in a friendly and relaxed environment. 

Here's what you can expect from this unique experience:

🔹 Learn how to keep the ball in play and avoid those pesky hazards.

🔹 Discover valuable tips and tricks to help speed up your play, so you won't feel pressured by groups behind you.

🔹 Master the art of transferring your range games to the golf course and unleash your true potential.

With Phil Akers, a seasoned golf professional, as your guide, you're in for an unforgettable learning experience! 

Limited spots available, so secure your place today! 

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