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Course-Ready Competition

If you have any questions or apprehensions please feel free to contact me:

Tom Huttunen

07393 351 211

*If you have entered a competition, your exact tee time will be sent out via email the day before play. Please make sure to check your junk box should you not have received this. A reminder that this is the time you will be due to start play and we recommend you arrive no later than 10 minutes before this time.

Welcome to our monthly 6-hole friendly competition!

This event is designed to give new/high-handicap golfers a chance to experience the golf course and test their skills in a fun and beginner-friendly environment.

We have split the competition into 2 categories dependent on level of experience. The more experienced golfers (BetterGolf category) will complete against eachother over 6 holes (19-24 at Oulton Hall) with the best 5 scores to be taken as the result (highest score will be removed). The less experienced golfers (StartGolf category) will simply play for fun with some assistance from a coach to guide them along the way

All players will get to participate in the 'Longest Drive' and 'Nearest the Pin in 2 shots' bonus challenges

  • Men to play from the yellow tees

  • Ladies to play from the red tees

  • Max. 10 strokes on each hole

  • Bunkers are in play

  • Lost ball… for a penalty of 1 stroke you can play a new ball adjacent to where you believe the ball to be lost

There will be prizes for the top 3 players in this category according to the handicap system (see below)

*Card Playoff (CPO):

Should 2 or more players be tied on the same score, the winner will be determined by their respective scores on the final hole. If still a tie then the previous hole will be taken until a winner is determined

  • All players will play from the short white flag tees (look in the fairway to find them)

  • Max. 10 strokes on each hole

  • Bunkers are not in play (simply drop to the side)

  • Lost ball… simply play a new ball adjacent to where you believe the ball to be lost and continue with no penalty

This is a 'just for fun' category where a coach will be helping you along the way answering any questions

BetterGolf Handicap system:

In order to level the playing field and get you used to the concept of golf handicaps; we have created a simplified version of the system. For those that are interested, here is how it works...

A PAR of 32 has been allocated for the 5 best scores from the 6 holes. This means that we feel a good score for beginner/intermediate level golfers would be a total of 32 shots for 5 holes


Each new player is allocated a handicap of 0. Once they have played an event, their handicap will be adjusted in accordance with their result. The exact method for those interested is detailed below:

Every net score (score after handicap adjustment) of 2 or more below the PAR of 32 will be multiplied by 0.5 and taken away from their handicap. Conversely, every net score of 2 or more above the PAR of 32 will be multiplied by 0.5 and added to their handicap. The handicaps will be limited to a maximum of 10 shots either giving or receiving.


See below for an example:

Player A (HCP 0) shoots a score of 30 – this is a net score of 30 or 2 under PAR (2 x 0.5 = 1). New HCP is +1. Next competition 1 stroke will be added to their final score

Player B (HCP 4) shoots a score of 36 – this is a net score of 32 or level PAR. Any score of PAR or 1 either side will not affect a change in HCP. Next competition 4 strokes will again be taken away from their final score

Player C (HCP +2) shoots a score of 38 – this is a net score of 40 or 8 over PAR (8 x 0.5 = 4). New HCP is 2. Next competition 2 strokes will be taken away from their final score

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