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Welcome to StartGolf and the game of Golf

“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated” – Arnold Palmer (Hall of fame golfer) 

It is truly a game that can be played by anybody regardless of age or background and a hobby you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

  • The task is to use a set of clubs to navigate your ball around some beautiful landscape into a hole in as fewer shots as possible

  • The problem is that the ball won’t listen to you no matter how much you plead with it...

  • The solution is why you are here!


We believe that in as little as 10 hours we will have you ready and equipped to go out and play golf!

The Programme

We have carefully constructed this program with the end goal of getting you ‘course-ready’. We want you to feel confident in yourself and your abilities so that you feel ready to go out and play on a golf course.

In order to provide the best learning experience, the program has been split into 2 stages, each being delivered in weekly 1-hour sessions over 5 consecutive weeks.


Stage 1 will cover the ‘long game’ where you will be hitting balls further than you thought possible before you know it.


Stage 2 will cover the ‘short game’ where you will learn all the shots to get that ball in the hole with as fewer strokes as possible. 


You will be joining a small group of people (max. 6) who, like you, may be starting with zero experience. We believe this will ensure you can learn the game at your own pace and perhaps you’ll even make some new friends at the same time…

Alongside the practical sessions, the program is supplemented with bonus learning material. You will receive an email each week summarising what you covered in the session with links to further information. This will include exclusive video tutorials and easy to follow articles to provide more insight into our teachings.

You won’t need any equipment or special clothing to get you going, just an open mind and a willingness to get stuck in and have a go!

In alignment with our ultimate objective of getting you ‘course-ready’, we also provide ample opportunity to come and hone your skills and gain some invaluable on-course experience at our monthly “Course-Ready” hours and StartGolf 6-hole competitions.

Stage 1 'How to hit a golf ball' - 5 Weeks

This is your first introduction to the game

  • The sessions will be conducted on the driving range here at the academy

  • You will learn the basics of the golf swing and get your first taste of hitting golf balls

  • You will develop the necessary skills to play golf from hitting a driver to a shorter pitch shot

  • You will be shown how to practise these skills for the future to further improve your ability 

  • By the end of this stage you should feel ready to go and have your first on-course experience at either our monthly events


*If you feel that you are not ready just yet to take that next step then there is no problem in repeating this first stage to boost your skills and confidence

Stage 2 "How to get the ball into the hole' - 5 Weeks

This is to further advance your skills and get you thinking about the actual aim of the game… to get the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible!

  • These sessions will mainly be conducted on the short game area here at the academy

  • You will learn how to decide on which style of shot suits certain situations before developing the necessary skills to play them

  • You will be shown how to practise these skills for the future to further improve your ability 

  • By the end of this stage you should have a more complete understanding of the nature of the game and feel ready to go out and really play for real

*Again, if you feel like you need to go over this stage again, there is no problem in repeating to give you peace of mind before tackling the course

What we will do for you...

We want to make your learning experience as fast and friendly as possible whilst making sure you have received a proper and full introduction to the game of golf. 

  • We will be providing expert PGA professional tuition

  • We will supply clubs and unlimited range balls during sessions

  • We will give you access to bonus video material to supplement each lesson

  • We will make you aware of any strengths and weaknesses as they arise

  • We will show you how and what to practice in order to optimize your training time

  • We will provide you with opportunity to come out and play the course in a beginner-friendly environment

  • We will also present you with exclusive offers and discounts to help you with equipment 

What you need to do...

In order to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed and really get into the swing of things we would expect the following things from you…

  • An open mind and willingness to get stuck in

  • Commitment to practice at least 1 hour extra per week outside of the coaching sessions

  • To take advantage of the bonus learning material on our website

  • Attendance to at least one of our ‘Course-Ready’ hours or StartGolf 6-hole competitions

Use of the Driving Range at Oulton Hall

The driving range is open to the public and has the following opening hours:

Mon -10am-9pm

Tue-Fri - 8am-9pm

Sat - 8am-7pm

Sun– 8am-6pm

*balls must be dispensed 1 hour before closing

  • A voucher for golf balls can be bought from the golf shop or by using the contactless card payment on the ball dispenser

  • If you don’t have any clubs, they can be borrowed from the golf shop free of charge

  • If you plan on practicing a lot, then you can enquire in the shop about getting an academy card upon which you can add credit for range balls. There is often a deal to be had!

*Don’t forget the short game practice area… this can be found by the side of the driving range where you can use the balls to work on the shorter shots on and around the green

Playing Opportunities

As previously mentioned, we strive to provide ample opportunity for you to come out and get that invaluable on-course experience. We have 2 such opportunities each month:

  1. Course-Ready Hour – £10pp

  • Normally staged on the first Sunday of each month

  • Join us for an hour to get a first taste for hitting shots in the real course environment

  • Get to grips with some of the common lingo and situations that you will find on the course


  1. Course-Ready 6-hole Competition - £15pp

  • Normally staged on the third Sunday of each month

  • Join us for 2-3 hours to get a real introduction to playing golf 

  • Beginner-friendly rules and format to ease you in to the game

  • Bonus challenges and prizes to be won

Click here to book

What next.....

Once you have gone through the program, we believe you will have ignited a passion for golf and we hope that you choose to continue and pursue that passion!

We have some great options for you:

StartGolf Taster Membership at Oulton Hall Golf Club:

  • 5-week membership for just £59!

  • Play the course to your heart’s content

*Offer must be redeemed within 5 weeks of your finish date from the programme

BetterGolf Group Coaching:

If you feel you would benefit from further coaching and enjoyed the group format, then you are more than welcome to join one of our ‘BetterGolf’ group classes aimed at novice-intermediate level golfers


  • Classes run on a continuous basis every week

  • Join in for a block of 5 weeks for just £59

  • Max. 5 people in a class 

Alternatively, if you feel you would prefer a little extra attention and guidance then we have PGA Professionals who would be glad to help you out on a one to one basis. Click here to book



  • We have some fantastic deals on clubs, balls and everything else you could need at our ProShop including a minimum discount of 10% on selected starter sets.

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